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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Firecrackers Soon to Be Legal in NH, But What About in Moultonboro?

Senator Kevin Avard (R-Nashua) is one of the sponsors of SB23, which would make the sale of firecrackers legal in NH. In response to the NH Senate passage of the bill he said In the live free or die state, this measure would simply allow citizens the freedom to purchase firecrackers, which are relatively low-grade fireworks, for their personal enjoyment while allowing local small businesses the freedom to sell these products," 
The fly in the ointment is that municipalities can regulate the displaying or use of fireworks within it's borders. Some require permits, some don't allow them at all and some create ordinances that regulate and control the times and days they are permitted.
Moultonboro Ordinance 22: Fireworks Permitted Days and Times is one such ordinance. It allows use of  " consumer fireworks" between 12pm and 10pm, except on July 4th ( noon to midnight) and New Years ( noon to 15 minutes past midnight of the holiday.) 

Personally, I think Sen. Avard has taken the "live free or die" justification a bit too far. Firecrackers make a lot of noise and can be very dangerous. They are not innocuous " low grade" explosives. They can injure and maim and they are loud. People tend to light them up in large numbers and essentially all they do is make noise. No pretty colors in the night sky, just a lot of noise. The freedom to purchase firecrackers should not impair the freedom of your neighbors to enjoy some peace and quiet on their deck. 
Now that the sale of firecrackers may soon be considered " consumer fireworks" and legal for sale and purchase, should Moultonboro further tighten up Ordinance 22 to exclude firecrackers? If signed into law by the Governor, I suspect that summer nights on the lake will become a lot noisier and the job of law enforcement will become more difficult. 

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. The Town should limit the use and type of fireworks not just so that residents have a semblance of peace, but also so that we don't have a bunch of children with burnt hands, arms or worse. The time to act is now before the summer season starts. Lets not have a need for another Citizen Petition and waiting for approval by until the 2018 Town Meeting.

If firecracker fans want to have the use of those products, then let them file the petition. In the meantime, lets have a semblance of sanity and safety fore the summer of 2017