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Alexander Hamilton

Monday, June 19, 2017

Gambling on Kindergarten?

Part of the proposed NH budget deal may include funding for full day kindergarten .
The bill would use the Keno lottery game to generate money that would go to the state education fund. The money from that fund could then be used to support full-day kindergarten and other education-related programs. Keno could generate about $12 million per year, which is about what full-day kindergarten funding would cost under the new bill.
Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, sponsored the “Keno-garten” amendment. 
NH funds school districts that offer kindergarten, receive  $1,800 per student, for half-day programs. The keno plan would add an additional $1,100 per student to a total of $2,900, 80 percent of full funding. If Keno generates sufficient income, funding will be consistent, but if it doesn't, funding may be cut. Is that a responsible way to fund education? Iif Keno revenue drops, local taxpayers will need to pick up the tab. 
The bigger question is whether NH is committed  to fully funding kindergarten without having to resort to budget gimmicks. If Jeb Bradley supports full day kindergarten, he should be prepared to propose funding it with real money, not gambling revenues that may or may not be realized. Take a stand Jeb, don't hedge your bets. 

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