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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sad Display Today at the NH Statehouse

We have now become so politically divided that we even refuse to hear what the opposing view has to say. So many republican members of the NH House walked out on a speech against President's decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, that Speaker Jasper had to call them back in as they no longer had a quorum. ( Photo courtesy of Rep. Altshiller). Rep. Oxenham was also booed as she spoke out against the President's decision. The NH House has become a dialogue free zone with zero show of respect for opposing points of view or even their own NH House rules.
( Look closely and you will recognize Rep. Cordelli as part of the walkout. He continues to have no tolerance for opposing viewpoints. )


Dave Rosssetti said...

That's because the "Paris accord" has nothing to do with climate control and everything to do with ignorance and the destruction of the US and other western nations. I would liken it to trying to sit through someone attempting to argue for female circumcision, I would walk out also.
The volcanic eruption that took place about 7 years ago in Iceland discharged more emissions than all of man through all of time. So, the "Paris accord" is smoke and mirrors at best and is designed to cripple western nations and has absolutely nothing to do with the preservation of the globe or it's climate.(period)


Bill Gassman said...

The article posted from 2010 does not come across to me as a convincing argument, even though it claims to be the definitive fact. Worth reading closely! In the recent climate forum in Moultonborough, world class climate scientists answered that volcanoes are a factor in CO2 levels, but with well measured and limited impact. Volcanoes have been around for the 800 million years that CO2 levels have been studied. The level of atmospheric CO2 seen today is unprecedented and not explained by a rise in active volcanoes.

Paris accord represents the earth's civilizations working together, to better understand and react to the warming earth. To not participate in the discussion is a forfeit of stature and a say in the future. Are the climate models right? Probably not. Can we stop the change? Probably not. Are the scientists closer to the truth than any politician? Absolutely!

The discussion about what can be done and what should be done is important, but needs to be based on peer reviewed science, not layperson opinion. Outlier opinions are important to consider, then adopt as true or move on.

Around here, where we see the climate before our eyes, people are taking action. For example, culverts codes changed to require bigger sizes that deal with heavier rain storms. Loon nesting rafts help convince loons to reproduce here and delay a northern habitat migration.

The good news is, the US dropped out of the Paris Accord in part because it did not believe that proposed mitigation efforts would work - not because the climate wasn't changing. This hints that the discussion is moving in the right direction.