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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Capital Funding Requested For Moultonborough Falls Conservation Area, Taylor Property Use Feasibility Study

From the CIPC minutes of June 28th, the Conservation Commission is seeking $100,000 to go toward the purchase of the Moultonborough Falls Conservation Area. The Con Com purchased an easement on the land and is in the process of raising funds to complete the purchase at the agreed upon price of $335,000. To date they have raised $97,000 and believe that the additional town money will assist their fund raising efforts.  Closing on the property needs to occur by April 1, 2018.
This is an important piece of property for  number of reasons.  According to the Con Com
 "It is located in a high-priority conservation zone. The property provides diverse wildlife habitats and corridors, borders sensitive wetlands and has historical value. Located in thriving 1800’s village of Moultonborough Falls, historic photographs show a number of buildings along a dirt road, and cleared land that is much different than what we see today."

The Town/Office of Developmental Services, is requesting $250,000 as a "placeholder" for the Taylor property to be used as follows: 
a) Build consensus for a potential use,
b) Conduct engineering work,
c) Prepare a Streetscape plan and
d) Complete some minor construction work.
This is part of the village vision and there are no predetermined uses for the property.

I advocated last year for funding to contract with a professional(s) to create a conceptual view of the property with a focus on use as a town common and include the Taylor building in some re purposed use as part of it.

I hope both projects score high on the CIPC's ranking and that the BoS support them on the 2018 Town warrant.

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Anonymous said...

That is a very large sum of money considering the work to be done. Another $670k potentially for sidewalks in the village. Our new DPW director wants only $1 million for the roads program although it really should be $2 million. The Roads program started out at $400,000 a number of years ago when a bond was paid off. Then there is States Landing Beach and the Neck Pathway Phase III. The Town Meeting should be well attended with all of these items in the works.