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Friday, July 14, 2017

Heritage Commission Receives Grant for Town Owned Taylor Building

Heritage Commission Chair Cristina Ashjian advised the BoS last evening that the Heritage Commission was approved for a $3,500 grant from the NH Preservation Alliance. The money is to be used for a professional building assessment report of the town owned Taylor building,  including a structural evaluation. She also noted that the grant was a matching grant and that the Heritage Commission is also requesting $3,500 from the town.
As they are operating under a very narrow time frame to provide recommendations as to the future of the building, the money was needed right away so that the building evaluation can be started very soon.
Not mentioned and the question never asked, was who is doing the evaluation and what will it cost?  The town does have a Competitive Bidding Policy and for purchases between $5,000 and $15,000, requires at least three quotations from at least three vendors. This can be waived by the BoS, but no motion was made to do so, only a 2-1 vote ( Jean Beadle and Joel Mudgett yes, Russ Wakefield no) to approve the $3,500 matching grant funding.
I would expect that for a cost that appears to be $7,000 or so, there would be any number of qualified firms that could undertake this evaluation. Selectmen have an obligation to ferret out this information and ask these questions, before approving these requests.

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