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Alexander Hamilton

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Local Residents Thanked for Time And Expertise To Support Historical Society

Nice letter in today's Laconia Daily Sun thanking Scott Lamprey and Ken Oxton for their support of the Moultonboro Historical Society. I quote from the letter: " Scott took the initiative, after the spring storm, to check on the museum and noticed that several shingles had come off the roof. He took it upon himself to repair the roof at his own cost. Likewise, Ken has taken care of the museum grounds, cutting the lawn and plowing the driveway. He has also done this at his own cost." 

History is important. Heritage is a thing to be valued and not tossed aside casually. At a time when we are about to lose a nearly 200 year old landmark, we should be grateful for citizens like Scott and Ken who step up to do what needs to be done to keep important pieces of our past viable.

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