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Friday, July 28, 2017

Looking for Fairpoint Broadband Upgrade? Starting Monday, Check their Website

Fairpoint is excited to offer some improvements to their internet offerings and starting on Monday, you can go to this website and find what offers and what increased speed may be available at your address.
The new service available in some areas, will offer speeds up to 25 mbs and the new platform will not be  slowed by network congestion as currently occurs.
It won't be available everywhere, but Fairpoint is hoping to continue to offer improvements with advances in technology.
Moultonboro made an investment in improving under served areas of town in Brick Kiln and Heron Pond  by spending approximately $43,500 from the Communication and Technology Capital Reserve Fund in 2015. Hopefully, more opportunities to expand and improve service will become available as technology improves.

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Bill Gassman said...

The big news from the July 27’th Fairpoint / Select Board meeting is that new head-end equipment has been installed on most of Fairpoint’s infrastructure in Moultonborough. As of 7/31, local residents can subscribe to a faster internet service, called “bonding”.

Fairpoint will switch customers that subscribe to the new bonding service over to the new equipment. Those ordering faster internet service, must ask for a “bonded service” to take advantage of this.

This new service bonds two DSL circuits together into one, providing twice the speed. For example, two 1.5 megabit/second lines bring the residence internet download speed capacity 3 megabits/second.

When asked, the Fairpoint rep said it would cost $3-5/month to upgrade to the next higher speed, using the bonded option. Hopefully we’ll get confirmation of the new pricing and speeds, once people start trying it out.

The rep also mentioned that Fairpoint has been acquired by Consolidated Communications.