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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Public Hearing on Private Road Plowing August 24th , 6pm

After reviewing the private roads in town, the DPW has compiled a list of 350 or so roads that would qualify to be designated as emergency lanes and thus can be plowed and sanded in the winter. 
The public hearing ( probably to be held at the school) is required to afford anyone opposed to having the town continue to maintain their roads in the winter an opportunity to object. Notices need to be mailed to every property owner on those roads and all abutters. 
It is unknown how many from the public will show up for the hearing and if there will be any objectors to the town following this process or if those not on the list will be there to register their complaints. I would suspect that the latter group might be quite vocal.


Anonymous said...

It may be helpful for the town or the blog to provide the updated list online in advance of the meeting. Including an explanation of the 4 criteria would also be helpful. As I think I understand it, as long as your road is on the list, it is highly probable the BOS will declare it an Emergency Lane. Thus it is hard to understand why, per your comment, that there could be some quite vocal.

Moultonboro Blogger said...

I suspect the town will provide the list well in advance. As to vocal voices, some do oppose public funds paying for private road maintenance. Those not on the list and had been plowed for decades may also object to be excluded.

Concerned Year Round Private Road Resident said...

While this may take care of the immediate problem for the 2017-18 winter, why is there no effort to correct the problem with revised state legislation so that we aren't in a constant state of "emergency"??

Anonymous said...

It may just be my thinking but I don't equate snow plowing with road maintenance. It is a service just like the PD or Fire Department.