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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Moultonboro Board of Selectmen Elect New Chair and Vice Chair

Traditionally, the BoS re-organize the first business meeting after Town Meeting. That meeting was tonight and Jean Beadle was elected as BoS Chair and Joel Mudgett was elected as Vice Chair.

In other organizational business, the BoS made the decision to do away with town department liaisons. They were established a few years back and were especially useful during the transition period a few years back between Town Administrators. With a solid administrative team in place, it was thought that the liaison appointments were no longer necessary. The vote was four in favor with one opposed, Joel Mudgett.

As to the other boards and commissions;

E-911 - Joel Mudget ( this committee has not met in a number of years)
Recreation. Advisory Board- Chris Shipp
ABC- Jean Beadle
CIPC- Joel Mudgett- Russ Wakefield as an alternate
Planning Board- Kevin Quinlan  with  Russ Wakefield as an alternate
Coalition of Communities- Russ Wakefield
Master Plan Steering Committee- Kevin Quinlan
Heritage Commission- Joel Mudget
BoS/School Board Subcommittee- Chris Shipp /Russ Wakefield

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