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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Moultonboro Dog Park?

There are some of us in Moultonboro that would be interested in a Dog Park along the lines of the Wolfeboro Dog Park located at The Nick: 
"To establish a fenced in, off-leash dog park where well-behaved canine citizens can exercise in a clean, safe environment without endangering or annoying people, property or wildlife. To develop a beautiful, well-maintained space open to all dog lovers and friends who are willing to uphold the park's rules and restrictions. To view this park as a community project, in partnership with the Town of Moultonborough, designed to satisfy the needs of dog-owners and non-dog owners alike." 

 Dogs are social animals and it is nice for them (and their owners) to get out in the fresh air and run and play in a safe, secure environment.
The Wolfeboro Dog Park is big and what may be proposed to the BoS would be much smaller, maybe an acre or so. Set up and operation would be all private donations and all work to the property would be done by volunteers. No tax dollars or town labor. This is a very similar model to the Community Garden at the Lions Club

The question that may be brought to the BoS in the near future is a possible location. Is there an acre or so of Town owned land that would be suitable for such an endeavor?  

If interested and would like more information, please contact John Morrissey via email: john@familymorrissey.com


Fred Van Magness said...

April Fools Day was a week ago !! 👎

Moultonboro Blogger said...

Fred, there are quite a few things that exist in this town because of people who gave their time, talent and money. The ice rink, for example, was built by volunteer hockey dads as well as numerous improvements. The community garden was built by volunteers and actually added revenue. There are many others. While not everyone has a dog, many who do want to see a dog park.

Fred Van Magness said...

The Nick is a private operation....not Town owned property. I read all the rules of their dog park operation. Who will enforce anything? If there is a group of local people interested in this type of facility, have at it....but procure the property, insure the liability, and enjoy. There are plenty of land areas for sale in town.