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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Capital Improvements Program Committee Meeting Video On Line

The BoS through our current vendor Town Hall Streams were able to record and delay the broadcast of certain meetings by 24 hours. (The BoS meetings will still be broadcast live). The CIPC meeting on May 8th was recorded and is now available here on Town Hall Streams.

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Fred Van Magness said...

Thanks to the BOS and the TA for coming up with a creative solution to the taping with a short tape delay, as some had security issues with being taped "live". Now that the CIPC is on board, I assume all other committees will be instructed to follow. It is extremely important for ABC, CIPC, CDAC, and ALL others to be taped so as to ensure the electorate are well informed. Again, kudos all around for a job well done.