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Alexander Hamilton

Sunday, May 6, 2018

School Choice Already Exists in NH. Why Is a Twice Killed Bill Still Alive?

Despite being killed by a bipartisan vote twice in the NH House last week, proponents of school vouchers just won't give up and enacted a backdoor attempt to push the school voucher bill through, no matter the cost.
Here is an eye-opener as we debate spending public money for private schools ( some of which are for -profit by the way):
Per Private School Review  29,927 students are enrolled in NH private schools.  Per NH DOE 178,328 were enrolled in NH Public Schools at the end of 2017. All told, nearly 15% of NH students are already enrolled in private schools. The data is pretty clear that " school choice" is alive and well already in NH without dipping into the pockets of taxpayers and diverting funds from public schools.

The new " bill" has been appended to a completely unrelated bill that has a number of hoops to jump through but continues it on life support. Worse, it reverts back to the original wording that vastly increases the eligible student population as well as the cost to taxpayers. Who does it benefit really?

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