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Alexander Hamilton

Thursday, May 10, 2018

School Voucher Bill Finally Killed. NH House Votes to Non- Concur.

Thank you to Rep. William Marsh and Rep Karel Crawford who voted Yea to non- concur.
Rep. Cordelli voted Nay in support of school vouchers.
A vote to non-concur with the NH Senate amended bill does finally kill school vouchers for this session.


Linda Punturieri said...

Excellent news!

Eddie Broussoud said...

All of these Charter Schools are just stealing taxpayer money. Whether religious or for profit companies.

BUt for you folks that are for these schools may I suggest that the cities and towns get out of the school business. Lets do away will all public schools. Sell the buildings (nice income for the town).

Provide funds for each parent using the state average for annual school education costs. Do away with all busing and let parents of these children arrange rides to their school of choice. So no bus bull for the town. Gone.

This should satisfy all parents and save the town millions.

How about it Representative Cordelli? Introduce such a bill.