Thursday, July 31, 2014

Village Vision Committee Village Walk and Meeting July 29th 2014

As I combined the video clips of the village walk, a few pieces were mixed up and show up during parts of the VVC meeting at Town Hall which occurred later.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Proposed BRC Needs and Feasibility Study

Last March, the legislative body approved money for a site study for the Blue Ribbon Committee recommendation for a gym/recreation facility on or adjacent to school property.  That work has been underway and recommendations will be made to a joint School Board/BoS meeting on August 12th.
There is a clear need to understand what we really need and want as a community and a feasibility study is necessary  to get to the right conclusion. This has and will continue to be a contentious issue for the community and determining need as well as maximizing current space and facilities will be a crucial piece of the puzzle.
The following was presented to the BoS last Thursday at our meeting and some questions arose. I certainly felt that we needed to do "due diligence" and investigate the individuals proposed to lead the study. I had and still have concerns about inherent bias as the study team are recreation professionals. I did not mean to imply that they would jeopardize their  professional reputations in any way, but only that their view point may not be balanced. Along those lines,  I made a comment that ideally we need to balance the team with someone who is 100 lbs overweight and hasn't exercised in 20 years. The possibility of an MBA type to join the team will be investigated.
 The BoS requested that the team leaders come to the next BoS meeting on August 7th and also provide examples of their previous work.
The following is a "draft" proposal and has not yet been approved by the BoS.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Word on Workforce Housing

New Hampshire passed workforce housing legislation in 2008.
In a publication from the Londonderry Planning Department  per RSA 674:58-61  "All citizens of the state benefit from a balanced supply of housing which is affordable to persons and families of  low and moderate income. Establishment of housing  which is decent, safe, sanitary and affordable to low and moderate income persons and families is in the best interests of each community and the state of New Hampshire, and serves a vital public need. Opportunity for development of such housing shall not be prohibited or unreasonably discouraged by use of municipal planning and zoning powers or by unreasonable interpretation of such powers."
What does this have to do with Moultonboro? The law requires every municipality "to provide reasonable and realistic opportunities for the development of workforce housing, including rental housing". There is a complicated formula to determine if a community has met the legal requirement. It takes into account  median income and the assessed value of residential properties.
According to the law , to be considered affordable a family can't spend more than 30 percent on a mortgage, property taxes and insurance. No more than 60 percent of a family's income can be spent on rental housing or on a rental property. Senior housing and housing with fewer than two bedrooms can't be considered workforce housing. Why is this important now? Because of two processes currently underway. One is the Village Vision Committee and the other is the master plan rewrite. Both have the potential to impact Zoning Ordinances and we  have not yet had a conversation as a community  about workforce housing. Perhaps we should.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

BRC Facility Site Study Meeting July 24th, 2014

(Scroll down for video. Below are the five sites in question, followed by the site criteria information provided by the architect and engineer)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kona Mansion Property For Sale

A full page ad in today's Laconia Daily Sun. A great property for the right investor. Upscale hotel with condos maybe? It's a big investment if someone goes that route, but it would be a great addition to the local economy. As the ad below also mentions, the property could also be developed into individual home sites.
Kona Farm is listed on the NH State Register of Historic Places.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

CIPC Getting Closer to Final Report.

The CIPC met today and received updated information from Recreation Department Director Donna Keuthe on the softball field and pathway usage. Town Admnistrator Carter Terenzini presented an update on States Landing.
The CIPC will meet again next Thursday to make some final changes to the six year plan and discuss the final report.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Selectmen Meeting Video and More Meetings this Thursday

The BoS meeting video of  July 17th, 2014 can be found here on the Town website.
This Thursday there are three meetings at Town Hall. The CIPC will meet at 10:00 to review the Recreation Department capital requests. At 2pm, the BRC Site Study meeting will be held to hear the results of the architect and engineer's review and recommendations for the four initial sites. Lastly, the BoS will meet at 4pm in a work session. Among the topics expected to be discussed: FY 2013 Audit, FY 2014 Q2 report. presentation on BRC Facility Site Study of four sites, presentation of Draft Scope of Work for UNH Recreation Facility feasibility study, an update on States Landing and an update on Pre-1981 Landfill.

Get Involved!

I have been reading lots of concerns and complaints in many comments recently here on the blog. Among them were some comments about land use and zoning as well as property rights. The specifics about each is not what this post is about. What it is about is participation in your government, or lack of it.
Every zoning ordinance, whether new or amended is discussed at great length at Planning Board meetings. Public hearings are held and I can honestly say that in my two years on the Planning Board , hardly anyone came to the hearings and there were very few questions asked. The same is true of the BoS meetings with just the same small crowd that comes week after week. I'm not saying that you don't have the right to complain if you don't agree with decisions or outcomes, but rather that if you participate in the decision process you can perhaps influence the decisions that are made. Can't make a meeting or are unsure of what something means? Send an email to any of the BoS, the TA, Town Planner or any of the Land Use board chairs. I understand the demands of life limit the free time of many, but a quick note when you get a free moment should not be that difficult.
There is so much going on right now in particular,  that getting involved even a little bit can make a big difference in the end result.