Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Moultonboro Conservation Commission October 20th 2014

1st Annual Convention of Committees Thursday 7pm Academy Cafeteria

The Board of Selectmen are hosting the first annual "Convention of Committees" this Thursday at 7pm in the Academy Cafeteria. It is open to the public, but the purpose of the meeting is to share with all town boards and committees the results of our recent board retreat and vision for the future.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

He was for it before he was against it.

I attended the Meet the Candidates event this afternoon in Sandwich ( video is coming). Thank you to Lee Quimby of Sandwich for a well run and efficient affair, although more time for questions would have been appreciated.
In the course of the session, the State Senate Candidates had an opportunity to speak and early on in his talk, incumbent Jeb Bradley (r) Wolfeboro made a point that he is opposed to the so called " donor towns" which up until just a few years ago, sent a large amount of our local tax dollars to fund an adequate education to " receiver" towns like Claremont. He thought it wrong that it pitted towns against each other.The funding for this began in 1998.
I have to thank Russ Wakefield for his reminder that Jeb Bradley who was a NH House Rep in 1998 ,voted in favor of donor towns which increased our property tax by about 42% the first year after it was in effect and dropped by 36% the year after it was put on hold.
So I asked Jeb if my information was correct and did he in fact actually vote in favor of donor towns when in the NH House? He was caught off guard, but answered in the affirmative that he did indeed vote in favor back in 1998. Everyone ( even politicians) are entitled to change their minds, but I think it is important for voters to be aware of these facts before taking a politician at his or her word.

Meet the Candidates Today at 3 pm in Center Sandwich

"A REMINDER - You are invited to "Meet the Candidates", October 26 at 3 p.m. at the Methodist Meetinghouse on Main Street in Center Sandwich. All the candidates have been invited and they will be given an opportunity to explain why they are seeking to be elected and to answer your questions.  "

Free Admission Sunday for Moultonboro Residents at the Lucknow Estate

"Sunday October 26th is the last day of this Centennial season. All Moultonborough residents are invited to visit the Lucknow estate.  There will be no admission fee when you enter the Main Gate. ID will be needed for free admission.  We look forward to sharing this day with the community."

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Moultonboro Sounding Board

Some  folks have asked about some sort of bulletin board feature on the blog and just yesterday I was told about the "Sandwich Board" which is a place where locals tell others about things that are happening in town and elsewhere. I looked into it and found it was a Yahoo Group and fairly easy to set up .....and not time consuming to run. So welcome to Moultonboro Sounding Board!

Other than the membership approval, the site belongs to you. A few caveats. 
All members should be willing to identify themselves to the rest of the membership. NO anonymous posting.  Membership must be approved so you need to join with a valid email and real name.
When you sign up, you can post announcements, reminders, whatever you want your community to know about simply by sending an email with the information to:

When you post something, members receive an email with your post. It's as simple as that.
Say you want to let a lot of people know right away that a meeting venue has been changed. Just email it to the above address and everyone who is a member of the Moultonboro Sounding Board will get the message. 

Here are some examples from Sandwich I received today:
  • Meet the Candidates

    A REMINDER - You are invited to "Meet the Candidates" on the November 4 ballots tomorrow, October 26 at 3 p.m. at the Methodist Meetinghouse on Main Street in
    lwquimby 3 hours ago
  • Chasing Bayla--Boston Globe

    Greetings Sandwich Boarders, Suggesting a great read by Sarah Schweitzer that you'll also find in tomorrow's print edition of the Sunday Globe.  Forward to
    jeremyeggleton 4 hours ago
  • The Barnstormers TONIGHT

    Remember to join in the fun tonight at The Barnstormers Theater Advice To The Players presents Shakespearian Idol 7 pm $10 donation at the door! *Martha
    martamel 5 hours 

It's easy to join. When you go to Moultonboro Sounding Board, click on the "Join" icon.
Have at it and please join and let your friends know. Sandwich has about 1200 members and I think we can do better than that here in Moultonboro.
I am still learning the in's and out's of this, but I will answer any questions I can or find out the answer as we move along.

Moultonborough Bay Inlet Watershed Restoration Plan Kickoff Meeting