Thursday, October 23, 2014

Town Wide Feasibility Study Meeting

Very good turnout tonight. With the immediate feedback from the I-Clickers, the highest vote count was 129, better than anticipated, so at least that many people were there to participate. According to the UNH team, it was one of the best turnouts they had seen. About 70 people came out during the week for the focus groups. To date more than 700 surveys have been completed with the vast majority online. In addition to the I-Click process, there was also some table work with additional data collection that the team will sort into themes and will become one more part of the study. All cards collected, with table and individual notes will be available to the town and of course the public. Add in all the data and reports already provided to the team they will then pull together a report with the data to support their recommendations. The Town Team will get a preview of the plan sometime in November and then on to the BoS. After that it is really any one's guess as to any possible next steps especially not knowing what the final recommendations will be. Be assured that there will be no one attempting to influence the UNH team in any way from the town. I would expect our only contact with them would be for additional information or clarification and perhaps logistics for the delivery of the final report. I am expecting an honest, thorough and data driven report. One interesting item at tonight's session was the demographics. We have known that as a town we are getting old, but the I-Click graph was still startling with the vast majority of attendees over the age of 56. The survey process closes officially on October 27th.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Focus Groups Well Attended

Thank you all for coming out yesterday . I observed two of the sessions ( including the last one that ended at 7:50pm) and I was very pleased with the work of the UNH team. The facilitation was very "light" meaning that people were not led in any direction and allowed to speak their piece as they wished. While not everyone agreed with each other, all were allowed time to express their opinions.
The team started first thing in the morning and had focus groups throughout the day including one on one interviews with each selectmen. They will be back for more on Wednesday culminating with the town wide meeting at 5:30pm-7pm at the Academy cafeteria.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Candidate Statement from Nick Vazzana

Before starting this campaign, I asked people, what issues were on their minds. Actually, the question was phrased in very personal terms, “If someone could speak for you in Concord, what would that include?” I got back various answers: one woman thought we should raise the $3.25 minimum wage for waitresses, many wanted better roads, one man wanted to rebuild the Old Man on the Mountain and another wanted to get rid of all politicians. In our district, many people felt their State Reps weren’t working for them and were out of touch with the needs of the average citizen. Many said they were being hurt by the high cost of living while their income had stayed the same or been reduced. My response: The people of this district need a friend who really speaks for them in Concord. Not a Rep who comes up with some political justification for selfishness and opposition to economic and social progress. To accomplish this goal, I shall bring a successful business background to the State House. For over 25 years, I founded and was C.E.O. of one of the nation’s first educational software companies. Under the names of Orange Cherry Software and New Media Schoolhouse, we created and distributed over 400 Science, Social Studies and Early Childhood programs that sold in nearly every school district in the United States. I had to meet a sizable payroll, every week, for our full and part-time employees, in a high-tech, high-growth business environment. As an entrepreneur, I believe state government can be a catalyst in raising our standard of living and helping people and businesses succeed. I support freedom, equal rights for all Americans and income equality that closes the gap between men and women, the ultra rich and the middle class. PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE ON TUESDAY, NOV. 4th. I would be honored to receive one of your (2) votes among the (4) four candidates.

Nick Vazzana Democratic Candidate, District 4: Moultonborough, Sandwich & Tuftonboro

Reminder: Feasibility Study Focus Groups Tomorrow. Town Wide Meeting Wednesday.

The schedule for tomorrow's focus groups is just about done, but there are slots available for last minute participants and there will be more focus groups on Wednesday. Sign up by email to or by  calling the Recreation Department at 476-8868.

Don't forget that the town wide meeting will be held on Wednesday evening beginning at 5:30pm and running to about 7pm, Even if you signed up for a small focus group, you can attend both.
We hope to see you there.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Vision Statement for the Town of Moultonboro

This vision statement was crafted by the BoS after our goal setting retreat this summer. It was finalized and approved  a few weeks ago and copies  were attached to the letter of invitation to all  the invitees to the Convention of Committees.  A vision statement identifies what an organization ( in this case the Town) would like to achieve or accomplish in the short and long term, and will provide the inspiration for our strategic decisions.

•Being a place where people want to live and work because of its quality of life, thoughtful and tasteful development and commitment to protect its natural resources.
•A business friendly environment with attractive living wage jobs and a magnet for high tech low impact businesses.
•Matching services to the needs of the population, both year round and seasonal, while diligently protecting its low total tax and tax rate advantage.
•Its best management practices particularly its personnel systems known to be fair to attract and retain employees, reward excellence and provide opportunities for advancement.
•A cohesive community with a unified purpose and vision across all town employees, boards and committees.
•A vibrant and increasing population actively engaged in civil civic discourse that is able to reach consensus on important issues and then see those decisions through to conclusion. 

Candidate Forum October 26th in Sandwich

I had hoped to have an event here in Moultonboro, but alas, time just got away from me and I could not make it happen. There is however a perhaps last chance to meet and chat with candidates on Sunday October 26th at 3pm at the Methodist church in the center of Sandwich.
As always, any candidate who wishes may post a statement about their candidacy on this blog by emailing it to me at

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Have you Signed up for a Focus Group?

As of this writing , about 60 or so people are signed up for the UNH Feasibility Study Focus Groups. Many of these are members of various boards an committees past and present, and town staff. There is plenty of room left  especially on Wednesday, and in the afternoon on Monday and early evening ( 6:30PM).

"Sign up by email to, calling the Recreation Department at 
1.603.476.8868 or stopping by their offices at 10 Holland Street during normal business hours."

I have heard that some are discounting the process as a "done deal" and won't participate. Aside from being untrue, if you don't participate it won't include your opinion. No matter what though, the process is going forward and will continue on to it's conclusion with or without your participation.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Back and Forth

Comments have been going back and forth on the Gym/Feasibility study the past few days, (including a few I could not publish). Did you know that you can actually influence the outcome? All you have to do is participate.
Complete a survey, sign up for a focus group and come out for the town wide meeting.
Click here and here for more information.